Forget everything you know about Life Coaching and step into a 1:1 session with an intuitive guide who knows how to reach deep into your subconscious to get you to the answers, healing and growth you desire.

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We all have limiting beliefs to let go of, traumas to heal and challenges to overcome. I know I certainly do! Over the last 5 years of my life, I have completely transformed myself and my life with a lot of different healing and personal development tools and modalities. And I know this can happen for you too!

This is why I created the Breakthrough Sessions, to help you rediscover and reclaim your inner power so you can finally live your best life as the limitless being you were born to be.

Since creating Healographic, I have helped dozens of people change their life, from entrepreneurs, athletes, recording artists to senior level executives.

Now it's your time!

Discover what your true challenges and limiting beliefs are and how to overcome them

Let go of old beliefs and heal past traumas through powerful subconscious reprogramming techniques and intuitive guidance

Embrace the new limitless version of yourself who will continue to create more success in your life

Get personalised support from an intuitive and non judgmental guide to help you integrate your healing and implement the steps for sustainable change


The way I work is something really important to me and what has given my clients amazing results to this day! Not only are the sessions very unique and bespoke, the entire process is designed to get you the outcome you desire (and so much more!) from the moment you fill out the application form to the post session notes that I send you with nuggets of wisdom and implementation steps to continue manifesting more success!

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Ninja Yari - From crippling fear to being a TV featured American Ninja Warrior!

Yari booked her first Breakthrough Session just before her first time running the official American Ninja Warrior race and despite her great excitement, she had an irrational fear of not being good enough. We worked through her fear and uncovered the deep rooted beliefs that made her feel that way and she was able to find peace and have a great time during the event. Since then, she has continued pursuing her passion and has inspired hundreds of thousands of people along the way! You might have seen her in the new season of American Ninja Warrior 2022 (they loved her story, skills and passion so much, she was even featured in the TV adverts for the new 2022 season!)

Get inspired too and follow Ninja Yari on Instagram @ninja_yari

Ninja Yari

Jo - From suffering a ton of food intolerances to healing her gut and starting her own coaching practice to help others overcome IBS

When I first worked with Jo, she was struggling with so many food intolerances, not being able to eat bread, potatoes and many more other delicious foods. She was spending so much of her time in pain and too much energy on thinking about what she could or couldn't eat. After looking at what was going on subconsciously, Jo had a huge aha moment where she realised that the food intolerances that she was experiencing were merely a result of some of the beliefs and pressure she had put on herself.

Since then, her life has completely transformed and she has decided to help others find the freedom she had found.

Find Jo on Instagram @goodfellow_transformation

Jo Goodfellow



This is for you if...

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life and your success
  • You want to heal the old limiting beliefs and traumas that are holding you back
  • You want to improve your confidence and show up as your best self no matter what challenges life throws at you
  • You want to improve your personal relationships, your relationship with money or find the inner strength to finally go all in on your true passion and purpose
  • You know that investing in yourself will have the highest ROI of all the investments you could make
  • You are SO DONE playing small!

This isn't for you if...

  • You want to stay in your comfort zone instead of going after greatness
  • You find it easier to live as the victim of your circumstances and want to continue blaming your failures on other people, society, or insert any other excuse here
  • You're happy repeating the same unhealthy cycles all your life and don't want to put any effort into your healing and personal growth
  • You don't understand the value of investing in yourself and how it creates positive ripple effects on your entire life
  • Netflix, social media scrolling and weekend hangovers are a fine distraction from realising you're not living the life of your dreams


An assessment of the specific issue you want to work on prior to the session

A pre-session set of tasks to prime your subconscious mind and get you ready for the transformational work we are about to do in the session and assure maximum results

A 1:1 90 minutes bespoke online session via Zoom with an intuitive and highly skilled guide & a non-judgmental approach to help you feel safe to open up and explore the issue in depth all in the comfort of your own space

Working with powerful tools & techniques from the art of NLP, Time Based Techniques, Hypnosis, Quantum Linguistics, Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing and Reparenting and so much more...

A set of actions to take after the session to implement change and keep improving your results and personal growth for the long term in a sustainable way

A week of personal message support (via email or whatsapp) after our session to hold space for the integration of the new changes in your life

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All for the no brainer investment of £222 !


What can I expect to happen during the session?

The sessions are all bespoke and intuitively guided. It will start as what feels like a simple conversation where we start talking about what you want to work on and I will slowly introduce NLP and coaching tools to get you the results that you want.

I have never experienced hypnosis or NLP before, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! I always tell you about the technique I am going to use if it is a more intense one like Time Based Techniques or Hypnosis and make sure you feel comfortable doing it. I will also explain how it works and the process before we start if you have never experienced it before.

I am currently in therapy, can I still do a Breakthrough Session?

This is entirely up to you, some people might prefer focusing on one healing modality, however there is absolutely no contraindications for doing a NLP / Hypnosis session alongside therapy. As we are using different modalities, I find the two complement each other quite well! I personally have done both alongside each other.

What happens after I fill out the application form and book my session?

You will receive an email from me with a set of small tasks to complete before our session. This will start to get your subconscious working for the changes you want to make!

I have more questions, can I have a call with you before?

I know how important it is to feel comfortable with the person you are about to open up to for your healing and personal growth, so you can of course reach out by email with your questions or book a 30 minutes free discovery call here.

What if I want to do more than one session?

You can absolutely do that! A lot of my clients started with a Breakthrough Session and then went on to book a session package to keep working together. Some other just book another Breakthrough Session when they need it. You can also ask about potential new offers that might not have made it to the website yet.

Hi, I'm Mel!

I like to call myself a Quantum Expansion Catalyst instead of Mindset NLP Coach or something like that because when you step into my sessions, you will expand into the limitless version of yourself and realise that just about anything you want is possible. But I'm not the one doing that work, YOU are! I only here to be the catalyst for your transformation with my expertise and training. And well, if you didn't guess already, I'm a bit of a nerd too. I am not only passionate about healing, personal growth and manifestation, but also about how all of this is explained by science (like quantum physics)!

I wasn't always so unapologetically myself though, I spent most of my life people pleasing and trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be, believing that I wouldn't be good enough to be loved and accepted just as myself. And to not help anything, I piled on a lot of traumas, addictions, experienced homelessness while being in an abusive relationship and so many other challenges that broke me down... Until I decided to reclaim my inner power and no longer live as a victim!

I got myself sober, back on track financially and eventually also out of the abusive relationship. This is when I realised that others started to be inspired by how I got my life back and asking me for advice so I decided to train in Holistic Life Coaching and NLP and realised just how deeply passionate about this work I was.

This is how Healographic was born, from love, passion and a deep desire to help people embrace their limitless potential and live the life they've been dreaming of!

Learn more here.



You've made it this far on the page, which means your Higher Self is probably getting excited about the life changing transformation that lies ahead for you... Here are some words from some of the beautiful courageous souls who have been working with me, so you know what's on the other side for you!

Breakthrough Session Testimonials