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THE Mindset Kit to feel grounded  and confident AF to make more money, sign more clients and smash your launch goals


Buy now and...


Is this you?

◦ You're tired of feeling like you have to be glued to your work in order to deserve making 6 figures

◦ You still feel anxious about opening your bank account and taking an honest look at where your money is going 

◦ You feel uncomfortable talking about money and owning your desires for the luxury life you dream of because you think people will judge you for it

◦ You don’t want to keep constantly stressing out about where your next client will be coming from in your business

◦ You always feel the need to make more money because you're afraid it's all going to go away 

◦ Or you feel like you need to constantly launch in order to make more money

◦ You're questioning your prices and the worth of your services (is it good enough for this price? Will anyone want to buy it at this price?)

Here's the tea: You've been unconsciously programmed to think like that...


◦ Whether it's signing your first client, hitting a new income goal, launching a new offer, showing up on social media, or wanting to take a week off from your business...


◦ Your mind is spiralling, because it has a been programmed with the beliefs that success is hard to achieve and requires you to hustle and grind. This is exactly why you are feeling so stuck and frustrated right now.


◦ Every time you want to level up your business and your life, your sneaky Scarcity Monster shows up.


◦ The Scarcity Monster can look like: Feeling anxious about money, stressing about losing it all, doubting yourself and your prices, overthinking your launches, feeling like you are not good enough & stuck in perfectionism, etc

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This is why I created the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit!


This is the only Mindset Kit out there that helps you get rid of your Scarcity Mindset whenever it tries to sabotage your business.

With the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit, you will:


◦ Finally feel confident AF about receiving and handling large amounts of money, no more knots in your stomach when you open your bank account

◦ Finally believe in your ability to get paid abundantly for following your purpose and mission

◦ Feel unshakable during your launches, get that powerful CEOMindset so you always know that you are building momentum and success (yes even when you have a "failed" launch)

◦ Attract more money because you have melted those limiting beliefs that were blocking the flow of abundance

◦ Feel calm & neutral when it comes to handling money, investing in your growth and talking about your prices.

◦ Finally let go of the Scarcity Mindset that was holding you back so that you can reach your full potential in your life
& business!

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Why you need it!



No more second-guessing but having a clear roadmap to pinpoint what has been going on. You will get Quick Trainings & Tools to identify your Blocks



You will get practical Mindset Tools like Hypnosis Audios to release the Root Cause of your Scarcity Mindset & finally clear those limiting beliefs



Ever felt that anxiety kick in when you think about making more money? Well with this program, you will get the tools to release all those negative emotions!



You will have the exact tools &guidance from me that my clients use to step into your future self to attract and handle more money like the Wealthy Woman you are becoming!



You will get multiple video tutorials, NLP tutorials, Hypnosis Tracks, Journal prompts, guided RRT audios & so much more! You don't need to wreck your brain about your blocks anymore - isn’t this awesome?!

Say no more!

What's inside scarcity slayer:


Take back control over your mind by discovering the hidden Root Cause of your Scarcity Mindset

With NLP infused journal prompts that will guide you into the depths of your mind where the limiting beliefs blocking you from attracting more abundance originated


Worth £99


Become a master at slaying the Scarcity Monster before it can even come out to sabotage your business growth

With an in-depth mindset training and checklist of symptoms to know exactly when your mindset is slipping into scarcity


Worth over £111


How to disarm your inner Scarcity Monster and show up like the wealthy CEO you are meant to be

With an extremely powerful affirmation meditation and subliminals version that you can listen to while you sleep, meditate or just relax to reprogram your mindset without the hassle


Worth £111


Clear your anxiety about money and feel at peace when looking at your bank account and talking about money

With a transformational Guided Hypnosis track and Guided RRT audio that will reprogram your beliefs about money


Worth £222


Discover the fastest (+most effective) way to shift out of scarcity

With a mind-blowing Mini training on the different levels of change and how to create the most impactful shifts in your reality in the quickest and most effortless way


Worth over £111


Embody the rich & confident CEO version of yourself: shift your identity!

With my favourite technique for quantum leaping: a Guided Time Technique recorded session to tap into your wealthy future self (and jump to her timeline)


Worth £222


I know that Scarcity always shows up at the worst times...

When a dream client reaches out, when a new exciting opportunity presents itselfs, when you are creating that new offer that you're so excited about...

With the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit, you will get all of the tools to kick that Scarcity Monster's butt right when it shows up so it doesn't sabottage those amazing money making opportunities.


You will get:

  • NLP infused journal prompts to find the hidden root cause of your scarcity mindset
  • 2x trainings to understand your unconscious scarcity mindset (and how to reprogram it)
  • A checklist to identify all your scarcity mindset symptoms
  • 1x extremely powerful affirmation meditation (+ a subliminal version to listen anytime, even while you sleep)
  • A guided hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious beliefs about money (+ a RRT version you can do in 5 minutes everyday)
  • A guided Time Technique recorded session to quantum leap you on your Wealthy Woman Timeline)

Imagine how unstoppable you'd be if you had access to all those tools at any moment?!

Everything in the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit is worth over £876


But you can get it for £99 only!


At this point this is the best investment you can make in yourself!

With the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit, you save your precious time, energy and money long-term by learning how to deal with that Scarcity Monster blocking your from receiving more money. You instantly get the tools to reprogram your mindset out of scarcity, that you can use for the rest of your life - how much would that be worth to you? It's priceless!


This is your chance to finally step into your Wealthy Woman Era and feel powerful and confident AF to receive and handle large amounts of money in your life and business!

Get the same tools my clients used to feel confident AF around money!

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The tools and practices we used to attract more abundance in their life and business are in the Mindset Kit - JOIN NOW to get it all!

WhY I am the go-to expert in slaying scarcity

Hi, I'm Mel!

I'm a Spiritual Mindset Coach and certified NLP Master and Hypnotherapist helping women who want to make an impact on the world through their purpose (like you!) access the codes of success and abundance.

At 25yo, I ended up homeless and penniless because I was stuck in a really bad victim mentality and scarcity mindset and it all blocked me from following my intuition and embracing my purpose.

Until I hit this rock bottom and remembered the promise I had made to my childhood best friend who had passed 5 years ago. "You didn't get a chance to create the life of your dream so I'm going to honour the chance I got and make the best out of my life".

I became a nerd for everything about the human mind, personal growth, healing and quantum leaping. I got certified as a Holistic Life Coach, and then as a NLP Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Time Technique Facilitator. I have been coaching clients to overcome their fears and blocks and turn their dreams into a reality since 2020.

I had to do a lot of work on myself and reprogram my own mindset to be able to hold space for such a shift in my life but it has opened the doors for me to make more money than ever ($10k months, whaat?!) while doing the work that is closest to my heart.

And now I want to share the tools that used to create those shifts with you in the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit!

Join Scarcity Slayer VIP to get direct access to my guidance with the program.



What is the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit?

The Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit is your fool-proof self-paced program & toolkit to conquer your unconscious Scarcity Mindset and help you tackle the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that naturally come up around money and getting to your next income goals. It supports you in reprogramming your mindset to finally feel powerful and confident AF to reach your next financial goals 10x faster.

Who is this program for?

It's for business owners with big ambitious dreams out there who are dealing with frustrating mindset blocks, imposter syndrome, doubts & fears that are holding them back. If you want to attract more financial abundance in your life and business & stop letting your Scarcity Mindset stop you, this is for YOU!

When does the program start? Will all the modules be released at once?

You will have access to the first module from the 15th of May and the next modules will drop one every week from then on.

What's inside the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit?
  • NLP infused journal prompts to find the hidden root cause of your scarcity mindset
  • 2x trainings to understand your unconscious scarcity mindset (and how to reprogram it)
  • A checklist to identify all your scarcity mindset symptoms
  • 1x extremely powerful affirmation meditation (+ a subliminal version to listen anytime, even while you sleep)
  • A guided hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious beliefs about money (+ a RRT version you can do in 5 minutes everyday)
  • A guided Time Technique recorded session to quantum leap you on your Wealthy Woman Timeline)
Do I have access to Mel?

No this is a self-paced program. If you want to have access to Mel's private coaching, you can upgrade to VIP to get a week of Telegram coaching!

How long will have access to the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit?

You get lifetime access honey! 😉
And you will also get access to all the potential updates made to the program (which knowing me, will probably happen!)

What makes this program different?

It's not a typical course, it is an action-oriented program with practical trainings, mindset tools like hypnosis, RRT Sequences, Meditations, Journal Prompts & practical trainings to help you unblock your limiting beliefs & money blocks, so that you can start to show up confident AF CEO, attract more abundance & reach your next level income!

Will this work for me?

This program contains the tools that helped all my clients with their mindset, so yes, it will also help you! It doesn't matter at which state of your business or mindset journey you are, this program will 100% work for you.

Why? Because the tools inside of the Kit are based on psychology and neuroscience, so if you have a human brain (lol), you can be sure this will work for you! 🙂

However, your results depends on your dedication, the way you show up and how willing you are to implement the tools introduced to you consistently

What are you waiting for?


If you read the page until the end and are thinking of finally entering your Wealthy Woman Era, I can assure you that at some point you HAVE TO become a Scarcity Slayer, otherwise your mindset will keep sabotaging your business and personal growth & you will eventually give up on your goals. But I know you, you're not a quitter!


Get the Scarcity Slayer Mindset Kit NOW and get ready to attract more abundance than ever before, it has never been a better time to create your dream business and dream lifestyle!

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