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Are you ready to live life on your own terms?

This course is here to help you embody your authentic self, reclaim your inner power and give you the tools to design the life that you want and deserve.

life transformation course


Be your best authentic self and live the life you want!

life transformation course


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“Mel has this wonderful ability to go into the darkest corners of your life and engulf it with light and warmth.  Her friendly but tenacious approach has dissipated some of my most hidden and stubborn limited beliefs that over the years had turned into physical pain. After many unsuccessful visits to the GP, I had resigned myself to a life of pain and limitation. For the first time in over 15 years, I’m not only pain-free, I am free. There are not enough positive words that I can leave that recommends Mel enough... someone who awakens you, and gives full control of your life back to you. Thank you!” Jo Goodfellow

“Mel worked with me and was brilliant at helping me clarify some major life decisions. I realised I was settling. I left feeling calm, happy, and empowered. 2 months on and her words are still helping me to strive for what I want.” Amy

“I had a hypnosis session with Mel that I found extremely helpful. She  helped me identify issues I had held onto for a long time and were really holding me back and stopping me from taking positive action.” Lee

“Me and Mel worked together on working with my anxiety in a particular situation. We spoke through the issue, which was very easy because Mel is a great listener and is super easy to connect with. [...] by the end of the session I was laughing about the very thing I was anxious about! Now when I find myself in this situation, all I can find is a smile that has replaced just simply being nervous. Mel is a super kind individual and I cannot thank her enough for her time and energy!” Kyle

“Before working with Mel I struggled greatly with stress and controlling the stress, depression and calming my own mind from overthinking. [...] I spent years and thousands of dollars in and out of therapy with no apparent results, sure I would feel better but it was never lasting. [...]After working with Mel I have seen not only improvements in these areas, but also improvements in other areas as well that I never realized I was struggling in. I no longer felt like I was being read a script, instead I was guided to finding the answers I wanted/needed instead of just being pushed. I never thought I would be able to pinpoint the issues due to failed attempt after failed attempt, but Mel was able to make me realize things were much more deeply rooted than I thought. [...] I distinctly remember the "aha" moment, it was like a weight had been lifted, not because it was suddenly solved but because hope had shined through that I was finally doing the right thing and working with who I needed to work with. Mel was a pleasure to work with, kept me grounded, gave me the tools/skills/wherewithal to continue my improvements.” Raymond

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