I thought I was powerless… I was wrong.

Before becoming a Transformational Life Coach, I once lost everything and learned the most valuable lesson from it: everything starts from within. I discovered the incredible power of self-care and self-responsibility to level up my life. And it works EVERY TIME.

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Hi, I’m Mel, Transformational Life Coach.

I’m a holistic life coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, and Transformational Life Coach on a mission to help those who feel lost and stuck in life reclaim their power.

I always felt like a victim of my circumstances, i grew up with very strict parents who weren’t very good at showing love and spent most of their time shouting at each other. And In school, I was the one being bullied and laughed at. As a young teenager, I thought it was clever to booze myself up in order to feel like I could fit in. Then addiction became my way out of taking responsibility for myself. I went from trauma to trauma, toxic relationship to an abusive relationship until I hit rock bottom. At 25, I was homeless, penniless, totally isolated, and unable to sustain my addictions. I thought about just giving up but there was a little flame inside me that just wouldn’t die. That was my turning point.

For the first time in my life, I took responsibility for myself.

I joined a 12 step recovery program and got sober. But most importantly, I started listening to the inner voice that had been screaming for years. I started healing my relationship with myself instead of trying to fix the rest of the world. That’s when everything started falling into place. I started attracting well-paying jobs that got me out of homelessness, beautiful connections with people, got myself out of a 3 year-long abusive relationship and found the most amazing and supportive partner. Eventually, I even manifested a job that got me to a 5 figure salary per month and allowed me to save enough money to focus all my energy on following my life purpose. And here I am now, in the best place I’ve ever been, living a life beyond my wildest dreams, working as a Transformational Life Coach. I never thought it would be possible and I proved myself wrong.

My qualifications:
Certificate in Holistic Life Coaching - National Council of Psychotherapists
Certified NLP Master Practitioner - ANLP
Clinical Hypnotherapist - AIP
Diploma in Time-based Technique - NLP World
Certificate in The Science of Wellbeing - Yale University
Foundation in Life Coaching - The Coaching Academy

My Core beliefs


You are enough

Nobody can take that from you. You are always doing the best that you can with the resources and knowledge that you have.


Your power is within

You are an infinite being with an infinite potential waiting to be awakened. Once you understand that you already have the power, you become unstoppable.


Anything is possible

If you can think about it, you can manifest it. There are no restrictions to what you can create and believing is half the work.


Free Ebook


In this ebook, you will finally understand why all your efforts seem to lead nowhere and leave you feeling unfulfilled. From my personal experience as a Holistic Life Coach with clients and research, I have compiled the 10 common blocks that people face when trying to change their life. This ebook highlights obstacles that are rarely mentioned in any self-help and self-development resources and it will help you kickstart your journey towards the life you want!