I thought I was a victim… I was wrong.

Before becoming a Spiritual Life and Mindset Coach, I once lost everything and learned the most valuable lesson from it: everything starts from the power within. I discovered the incredible power of self-care and self-responsibility to rescue myself  and level up my life. And it works EVERY TIME.

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Hi, I’m Mel, your Spiritual Life & Mindset Coach.

I’m a Holistic Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master, Hypnotherapist, and Quantum Leaps Facilitator on a mission to help those who feel lost and stuck in life reclaim their inner power.

There used to be a very different story written here, but like for every story, there’s always two sides. 

I could tell you about how tough my childhood was, how chaotic my family was, how mean and disgusting some people have been towards me.

But instead, let me tell you the other side of the story. The story of a little girl who always found her way back to faith and reclaimed her strength.

That story fully came to light when I decided to no longer live my life as a victim. When I decided that the way my parents showed their love and acceptance (or rather struggled to sometimes) no longer meant anything about me. When I decided that the mockeries of my English teacher from secondary school said more about him than me. When I decided that the people who took advantage of me were just hurt 7yo kids inside and that they were just doing their best with the resources that they had.

I didn’t become this unfuckwithable woman that no challenge can break overnight though.

I had to fall a lot of times to get here. But falling many times also means getting up many times. It means that I beat my addictions, that I overcame homelessness and that I fought for myself and got out of an abusive relationship. It means that every single time, I showed up for myself. The depression, severe anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self harm DID NOT win. 

So here it is, the other side of the story. It talks about how strong I am and most importantly that as long as I remember to be responsible for myself and my life, nothing can stop me from achieving my goals and manifesting a life beyond my wildest dreams.

And let me tell you… Since claiming this side of the story, my mind has been blown countless times with the impossible realities that came into existence. 

But I’m not special, if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you too. Claim the other side of your story. I’ll walk this path with you.


My qualifications:
Certificate in Holistic Life Coaching - Wellness Professionals at Work
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner - ANLP
Clinical Hypnotherapist - AIP
Diploma in Time-based Technique - NLP World
Past Life Regression - NLP World
6 weeks Tarot Masterclass - Angie Banicki
6 weeks Manifestation Masterclass - Angie Banicki
Certificate in The Science of Wellbeing - Yale University
Foundation in Life Coaching - The Coaching Academy
The Manifestation Babe Academy Graduate

My Core beliefs


You are enough

Nobody can take that from you. You are always doing the best that you can with the resources and knowledge that you have.


Your power is within

You are an infinite being with an infinite potential waiting to be awakened. Once you understand that you already have the power, you become unstoppable.


Anything is possible

If you can think about it, you can manifest it. There are no restrictions to what you can create and believing is half the work.


Free Ebook


In this ebook, you will finally understand why all your efforts seem to lead nowhere and leave you feeling unfulfilled. From my personal experience with clients and research, I have compiled the 10 common blocks that people face when trying to change their life. This ebook highlights obstacles that are rarely mentioned in any self-help and self-development resources and it will help you kickstart your journey towards the life you want!