Why is it important to learn from mistakes

why is it important to learn from mistakes

 Why is it important to learn from your mistakes

If you have strong willpower but are still struggling to achieve success, this is for you…

Willpower is an awesome thing to have and is key to creating change and success but it isn’t the most important thing… What is happening in your subconscious mind is!

Think as your willpower (created from your conscious mind) as being only 5% of your true power. You have a remaining 95% of unused potential… But this isn’t your fault, they don’t teach this in school.

As you grow up, you are only taught that you have to work hard / study hard to get results.

And we couldn’t be further from the truth. The real key to unlocking your full potential is to know how to work smart, not hard!

You have a mind that is pretty much running your life on autopilot, without you having to even think about it (think about breathing, walking, digesting, making your morning coffee, tying your shoelaces, etc…) This mind, your subconscious mind, runs your whole life according to the strategies built into it.

These automatic strategies (or call them habits) have been constructed from your beliefs, values, and through repetition of the same thoughts and behaviours.

You have unconsciously created most of your strategies early on in your life. Think, for example, of repeating unhealthy relationship patterns, lacking confidence, giving up easily when things get hard, always running out of money, etc… The good news is that you can change those unhelpful strategies!

And it all starts by working on what created them in the first place: aligning your values with what you want and changing your limiting beliefs into helpful ones.

And that’s not all… When you start working with your subconscious mind, you also get to access the knowledge of your Higher Self. Your higher self is the wise version of yourself that already has the answers that you’re looking for.

So when you keep getting unwanted results in your life, or as people call them “mistakes” and “failures”, it doesn’t mean that you should give up, it means that there is something you should do differently. See, mistakes are a brilliant opportunity to get feedback on what isn’t working and which inner strategies need to change. In a few words, they are your roadmap to success!

And now that you know this, you can change your behaviour to align with the results that you want according to the feedback you got from your mistakes. Doing this repeatedly will create new strategies and habits which is one way to rewire your subconscious mind for success. 

So it’s time to start seeing your mistakes as what they really are: valuable information!

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