Do you need help to understand a part of your life that feels confusing? Do you want some guidance from the Universe and your guides in order to know how to move forward with a specific area of your life? Then the remote readings are exactly what you need!

Card readings


There always comes a time when the path ahead isn't so clear and your intuition has gone quiet. In those moments, what better way to gain clarity and guidance than by tapping into the forces who are supporting you from the quantum realm? They always have a message to transmit.

I love working with Oracle and Tarot cards to channel the messages that I need to guide me forward. And now I want to share this way of tapping into Universal Intelligence with you so you can also benefit from this magical guidance!

After training with the Hollywood go-to reader, Angie Banicki, and offering those readings spontaneously to my coaching clients for over a year, it feels like the right time to share this gift with anyone who feels the call to receive an intuitive reading from me.

Tap into guidance from the Universe through the ancestral magic of the Tarot

Receive messages from the Spirits of the Ocean and the Liminal Spirits, the witches' guides

Gain clarity and wisdom from the messages hidden in the sacred Viking Runes and the art and science of Numerology

Open yourself to receive an intuitive reading that will offer clarity on your current energy and the path unfolding ahead while reinforcing your connection with the Universe and your guides.


This is a completely remote reading, which means that I will do the reading in my own time by tapping into your energy and pulling the messages you need to receive out of the cards while you go about your life. The magic from those remote readings is just as potent as a live one and it also allows you to not have to worry about making time for an appointment! Instead, you will receive your reading as a recording within 7 working days and you are free to keep it and rewatch it forever.

As a very intuitive person (Pisces Sun & Moon, if you know a bit about astrology, you know it doesn't get much more highly sensitive than that!) I can feel your energy even without being in direct contact with you. The form you fill out when booking the session also leaves an energetic trace that will guide me to pull the right cards with the messages that are meant to reach you.

readings process


A form to fill so I can assess the type of guidance and messages you need to receive and connect to your energy

An energetic update on where you are being guided this year according to your numerology and the collective numerology

A recorded remote intuitive Oracle and Tarot reading channelling guidance and messages specific for you from the Universe and your guides

Working with powerful card decks including Spirits of the Ocean, Liminal Spirits, Runes oracle cards and Shadowscape Tarot.

A set of actions you can take and questions to reflect on to align you to the direction you want to take and the energetic vibration you need to manifest your desires

A week of personal message support (via email or whatsapp) after you receive your reading to hold space for the integration of the messages you received and ask any questions you might have.

All for the crazy small investment of £77 !


Hi, I'm Mel!

I like to call myself a Quantum Expansion Catalyst instead of Mindset NLP Coach or something like that because when you step into my sessions, you will expand into the limitless version of yourself and realise that just about anything you want is possible. But I'm not the one doing that work, YOU are! I only here to be the catalyst for your transformation with my expertise and training. And well, if you didn't guess already, I'm a bit of a nerd too. I am not only passionate about healing, personal growth and manifestation, but also about how all of this is explained by science (like quantum physics)!

I wasn't always so unapologetically myself though, I spent most of my life people pleasing and trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be, believing that I wouldn't be good enough to be loved and accepted just as myself. And to not help anything, I piled on a lot of traumas, addictions, experienced homelessness while being in an abusive relationship and so many other challenges that broke me down... Until I decided to reclaim my inner power and no longer live as a victim!

I got myself sober, back on track financially and eventually also out of the abusive relationship. This is when I realised that others started to be inspired by how I got my life back and asking me for advice so I decided to train in Holistic Life Coaching and NLP and realised just how deeply passionate about this work I was.

This is how Healographic was born, from love, passion and a deep desire to help people embrace their limitless potential and live the life they've been dreaming of!

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