Be part of a community of resilient souls determined to make their dreams a reality

Do you know what all successful people have in common? They surround themselves with others goal getters who continuously inspire them to keep going. When you get close to people who succeed, you calibrate, which sets the stage for your own quantum leaps. This is why I created this membership, to bring together a community of badass people who consistently manifest their desires into reality and inspire and support each other in the process!



Let me tell you, life has thrown some serious challenges my way through the years and YET! I am still standing and still manifesting my dreams, one by one.

The one thing that kept me going all this time? Being surrounded by inspiring people also following their dreams and following the guidance of mentors and coaches.

And this is the mission behind the Unfuckwithable Membership. I wanted to create a space to hold you to your highest potential while keeping you connected. Those who believe that it's lonely at the top clearly don't live in the same world as me!

So are you ready to join us?? LFG!

(Yes, this is my new favourite mantra, if you're late to the party like I was a few months ago, it means Let's Fuckin Go)

Tap into the energy of a powerful community of resilient souls going after their dreams

Receive daily inspiring messages from Mel, an intuitive Spiritual Life & Mindset Coach

Gain access to Mel's most popular Masterclass Bundle (including the Unbreakable Resilience Masterclass and the Self-Empowerment Seminar)

Quantum leap to your best timeline yet while making lasting connections with people on the same vibe as you so you never have to feel lonely while making your dreams a reality.


A community group on Telegram where you can connect with other resilient goal getters (PS: you can join from the app or your browser!)

Daily (Mon-Fri) trainings / inspiring messages to keep you motivated and expanding to your highest potential

BONUS: Free access to the Masterclass Bundle including the Unbreakable Resilience Masterclass and the Self-Empowerment Seminar

Spontaneous community card pulls from my Tarot and Oracle decks, with intuitively channeled guidance

Spontaneous live calls with guided subconscious reprogramming practices, coaching, mindset trainings and more

Aaaand some surprises too, maybe even some giveaways, who knows? (That will definitely happen)

Hi, I'm Mel!

I like to call myself a Quantum Expansion Catalyst instead of Mindset NLP Coach or something like that because when you step into my sessions, you will expand into the limitless version of yourself and realise that just about anything you want is possible. But I'm not the one doing that work, YOU are! I only here to be the catalyst for your transformation with my expertise and training. And well, if you didn't guess already, I'm a bit of a nerd too. I am not only passionate about healing, personal growth and manifestation, but also about how all of this is explained by science (like quantum physics)!

I wasn't always so unapologetically myself though, I spent most of my life people pleasing and trying to be who everyone else wanted me to be, believing that I wouldn't be good enough to be loved and accepted just as myself. And to not help anything, I piled on a lot of traumas, addictions, experienced homelessness while being in an abusive relationship and so many other challenges that broke me down... Until I decided to reclaim my inner power and no longer live as a victim!

I got myself sober, back on track financially and eventually also out of the abusive relationship. This is when I realised that others started to be inspired by how I got my life back and asking me for advice so I decided to train in Holistic Life Coaching and NLP and realised just how deeply passionate about this work I was.

This is how Healographic was born, from love, passion and a deep desire to help people embrace their limitless potential and live the life they've been dreaming of!

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