What is the ego?

what is the ego

There’s no you, there’s just energy.

If you don’t fully understand how thoughts become reality, you need to read this!

Everything is energy and you have the power to shift the energy of your life.

So what is the ego if there’s no you?

The ego is a thought structure: it’s a thought about who you are.

Your ego gives you a structured experience of life. It only serves a practical purpose: to keep you safe and seek out pleasurable experiences. The natural vibration of this energy produces an experience of joy. The idea of the ego is that life is supposed to (only) feel good.

And as you know, your thoughts have the power to generate energy. The neurochemical processes involved in thinking are a complex energy system. But in so many words, it is in your power to change the thoughts you have and therefore the vibrational frequency you want to live at. The frequency of your life attracts energy that then turns into matter. Basically, you are a creation machine!

When I say that you have the power to create the life you want, I mean it.

And it’s actually easier than you think to create a life of joy, instead of negativity and misery.

Your thinking is structured to place you in a box surrounded by limitations (not just for fun, but to keep you safe, in the known). Your thoughts about yourself and your environment are only thoughts, not facts. This is why your ego only gives your life structure. It doesn’t determine who you are and what you are truly capable of.

Once you gain control of your thoughts and start using the power within you to drive you towards your dream life, you raise your frequency and vibration. The frequency that you now choose to live your life at and the energy generated by your thoughts start to pull you towards your dream life.

Increasing your frequency also opens you up to opportunities. These opportunities were always around you but you weren’t able to notice them because the energy from your thoughts and frequency didn’t align.

As all the famous successful entrepreneurs say, ‘It starts with mindset’. And how right they are! Knowing what you want and adapting your thinking is the very first step to reaching your goals.

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