How to live in the present and stop worrying

How to live in the present and stop worrying

This is how to live in the present and stop worrying

Your fears are conditioned by your past experiences and the people you decide to listen to.

I know that me telling you this will not fix your stress, anxiety and worry about the future. But I’m hoping that at least it will inspire you to question your fears when they arise.

The truth is, people are affected differently by the same experiences, for some people something might be the best thing in the world while it might trigger a fear response for others.

For example: A job interview might be seen as an exciting new positive opportunity while others might see it negatively as the end of the world and start worrying about the many ways in which they can fail.

So, what really does make a difference?

  • Recognise the past experience that triggered the anxious response to a future event and remind yourself that it was in the past, that it does not have a place in your plans for the future.
  • A good practice would be to identify the lessons and feedback you got from that past event and plan on trying a different response to produce a different outcome this time.
  • Question the message that you are receiving from other people: where does their fear come from? Is their vision of the situation universal (it never is..) or can you find different opinions that would better support the idea of a positive outcome?
  • Refocus your thoughts: Instead of asking yourself “what if I fall” try focusing on a positive outcome.

We all go through phases of negative thinking, and the best way to deal with these thoughts is to learn to acknowledge them.

Remember that you are not your thoughts and that you have the power to shift your thinking at any given moment.

Your thoughts translate to energy, and energy forms matter.

So, if you have persistent negative thoughts, you are more likely to attract more negativity into your life.

This is why it’s important to knock down these beliefs in order to continue to grow.

And most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself, it’s totally normal to feel scared, courage doesn’t exist without fear!

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