How to stop limiting beliefs

How to stop limiting beliefs

How to stop limiting beliefs

You make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you

That was a quote by Marisa Peer, the creator of Rapid Transformation Therapy.

And she couldn’t be more right.

I will continue repeating this for a long time until the whole world knows (which might never happen, so be ready to hear this a lot from me).

Beliefs are the main thing that get in the way of people achieving their goals and living their dreams!

Because they can become negative thoughts. So, it’s time to let those limiting beliefs go – NOW!

Here are a few reframes of the most common ones to get you started:

“I’m not good enough”.

Compared to what? And who? What does enough even mean?

We can always get better, so if you’re waiting to get to your highest potential to get started, you will be dead before you’re good enough!

“I’m not ready”.

You wouldn’t have the goal or the dream if you weren’t ready for it… Plus you might never know if you don’t try!

“I don’t know how to do it”.

So learn or freestyle it!

Not knowing how to do something can be a huge advantage because it means you will try something new, spend time on it, you get to start from the beginning and you might even discover a better way of doing it!

“Other people won’t like it”.

Other people aren’t living your life – you are, also what they like or don’t like is their own stuff to process, not yours. Not to mention, you aren’t for everyone and that’s ok! Focus on the people who will like it, or get inspired by it, because there will inevitably be some!

“What if I fail?”

Well… What if you succeed? And if you do fail, you will learn invaluable lessons. Totally worth it if you ask me.

Are you ready to smash more limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

We talk a lot about limiting beliefs but do you know that you don’t actually have to listen to those beliefs?

And the simplest way to do it, is to just talk back.

That’s right, you don’t have to let yourself be bullied by your own thoughts!

The next time a limiting belief comes up, start talking back.

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