How to connect with your intuition

how do you connect with your intuition

How do you connect with your intuition

This is the year we stop listening to other people over our own intuition.

BECAUSE – Breaking News! – Your intuition knows you better!

This is literally your inner GPS and it is never wrong.

Sure, for some of us it’s speaking a foreign language because we haven’t yet learned how to connect with it, how to listen to it, how to understand it.

So, what can you do to make friends with your intuition? 

Start with getting enough sleep and proper nutrition: if you feel foggy and exhausted, you’re unlikely to even notice when your intuition is talking to you.  Not to mention, it sometimes shows up in your dreams!

Start noticing the signs: feeling hyped or having a knot in your stomach are signs that your intuition is trying to let you know about how something will feel.  If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Make sure this is your intuition speaking and not just fear holding you back!

Journal: You can ask questions in writing and see what comes out of your mind. I actually often get surprised with what shows up in my journal pages, but they are all invaluable insights. If you don’t like to journal, you can talk to yourself out loud and maybe even record these conversations with your phone.

Just listen: Sit in silence with yourself, balance your breath (or do some meditation practice – there are also many great guided meditations out there), and just listen to what comes up in your mind once the inner chatter has quiet down.

Start trusting your intuition: the more you trust it and act in alignment, the more you will be able to hear the inner intuitive voice. Start with something small, like what you are going to eat for dinner, choosing your outfit for the day or deciding whether you want to go out with your friends or spend the night in to relax for example.

It’s like a muscle that you can strengthen with practice.

I’m here to help you stop listening to others, and start listening to your intuition, connecting with it, trusting it.

What do you do to connect with your own intuition? 

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