How to start personal development

How To Start Personal Development

How To Start Personal Development

Self-care is NOT a waste of time. I spent most of my life putting myself last. I would work crazy hours, give my energy in unhealthy ways to people who didn’t really deserve it and spend all my money on others and booze (because I couldn’t bear to feel my feelings). Until I ended up in a really bad place.

I lost my job after telling my boss that the driver was sexually harassing me, then became homeless fairly quickly after that because my mental health was so low that I could barely even get myself to eat, shower and leave my bed, let alone find another job. And this all was such a blessing. When you lose everything, you’re left with just the most important thing: yourself.

It was such a wake-up call and for the first time, I stopped trying to control everything about life and focused on healing myself.

I put a boundary with myself that I would not get a job until I felt healthy again.

It was tricky financially but the best decision I ever made. As I started realigning with myself, I started attracting opportunities. I got a random job offer that allowed me to pay my rent and have a lot of time off.

Little did I know at the time that this job would allow me to create crazy financial freedom and build funds for what was about to become my very own company. I also met my partner who is everything I could have ever wished for. I know I’m not the only one who’s experiencing such magic from going inwards instead of trying to fix the outside world.

When you align with yourself, you also align with the life that you deserve and things start manifesting into your life effortlessly. So if your life feels chaotic today, just stop everything that you’re doing for a moment and FOCUS ON YOURSELF. It’s not selfish and it’s not a waste of time. It creates magic.

I wanted to talk about this today as I took a bit of a self-care day: spent all day in pyjamas, lightened my workload, tidied up my space (I love it, it’s definitely not a chore for me), ordered my favourite food and I will spend my evening watching inspiring YouTube videos.

So if you were wondering how to start your personal development journey, this is the place to start: self care!

What does self-care look like for you?

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