How to make all your wishes come true

how to make all your wishes come true

How to make all your wishes come true


The cause and effect model VS the quantum model

We are taught to believe that there is only one model of reality: cause and effect. But this fundamentally wrong!

First, let’s look at how this model of reality works:

  1. You want something
  2. You have to DO a certain amount of things
  3. You get the outcome (state of happiness, contentment, satisfaction etc…).

Weirdly enough, this is the only model we are taught when it really isn’t the most effective. The downfalls of this model of reality is that, first we have to wait to attain the state of being we desire and secondly, if our actions don’t lead us to the outcome we think we need to be in the state, we will miss out on it altogether!

What a waste!

Now the quantum model of reality is where the real magic and fun happen. This is how it works:

  1. Choose a potential reality you want (remember, there is no limit!)
  2. Get in the state of that reality: live it in your thoughts and feelings
  3. Give thanks ahead of the actual event
  4. Enjoy!

The beauty of using this model of reality is that the outcome doesn’t define the state, so you get the good feelings of the outcome even if it doesn’t manifest for some reason.

But we both know it will since you have now aligned your energy to what you want. And the cherry on top? By getting out of your habitual state of being you have evolved into a better version of yourself without feeling like you had to work hard for it since you’ve basically told your subconscious mind that you are now the type of person who lives in that reality.

If you want to break out of the outdated cause and effect model of reality and rewire your mind to play in the quantum model, get in touch, I can help you!

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