The identity gap

identity gap

 The identity gap


Let’s talk about the Identity Gap…

You might be thinking, Mel, what the hell is that?

In simple words, the identity gap is the space between how you appear and show up in the world and who you really are.

How you appear: The personas you take on. The labels you give yourself. The clothes you wear. The possessions you have. The memories and thoughts you have etc… This part of you relies on the external world for validation and reinforcement. It is the reality you are familiar with and in which you are totally dependent on your environment to achieve happiness.

For example, if someone asks you who you are, you would reply with some sort of label: I am a woman, a coach, a doctor, a runner, yogi, scientist, etc… This is also the part of you that thinks that you will be happy once you achieve X or get Y.

Who you really are: An infinite being. Connected to the quantum field. Living in the present.

Unconditionally happy.

This is the real you. The you that isn’t stuck in the past and the future. The you that has access to unlimited possibilities. The you that is constantly connected to the quantum field. The you that decides how to feel without conditions.

The identity gap is the layer of familiar emotions recreating your known reality over and over again. It’s the part of you that keeps looking for experiences to prove your limiting beliefs right. It keeps you separated from the real you, and with that, it prevents you from expanding your consciousness and manifesting whatever the hell you want.

When you close the gap, you step into your infinite potential and recognise that you get to choose what reality you want to manifest. You are a co-creator and energetic magnet for experiences that reflect your strongest beliefs. So when you start to understand this and have the unshakable belief that you are an infinite being connected to the quantum field of all possibilities, you become unstoppable.

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